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Week of April 22

Well, it was an interesting week to say the least. I was in Portland for a Nursing Conference from the 18th to the 22nd. Needless to say, not much riding happened. I did get the opportunity to rent a road bike and ride about 14 miles while poking around in some neighborhoods.

Portland – I learned that you can be riding below sea level! I rode up the Mount Tabor Park area, saw Mt. Hood, rode along the 205 bike path and then back to downtown. Thanks to Waterfront Bikes for the rental. I also stopped by River City Bicycles, Westendbikespdx and a few other fun places.

Back in Colorado – I rode on a Mapmyride route, CR 27. It was interesting as a hard packed gravel road was not what I had anticipated. It was interesting as uphill was slow and downhill got a little fast. I started to feel the back end wash out, so I tried to keep the speed below 22 on that portion. This ride was also my ‘animal’ ride. 3 dead snakes of varying sizes, 1 beautiful hawk just watching for dinner and then launching to grab it!

Wednesday night was a training ride with Traci Brown. How amazing. We focused on smooth one leg pedaling, making tight corners, accelerating out of the corners and balance on the bike.

Thursday found only 3 of us daring the weather. Four raindrops, some wind and a beautiful lighting show to the south. We did 15 miles in a stiff wind, around the east side of Boulder and down towards Eldorado Springs.

Totals for the week 45 miles… not bad for being in transit on Sunday and all day meetings on Friday. But, I still have today!

Thanks for your support!

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