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Week of the wild snake adventures. . .

Sunday was a great day for a ride, but I forgot to start the timer on my bike computer until 5 miles into the ride. I thought I had started the timer, but NO! So, the ride was really 37.5 miles. We saw a LIVE snake…. all of us gave it a wide berth. It was a beautiful day for a ride with the average temp around 68.

Monday, I wanted to do North Carter Lake loop, backwards. So I set off with the wind at my side. I got to one point in the ride and it was full on into my face. Time was getting slim, so I turned around. You know the wind is strong when you can go up the hill faster than you were able to go down that same hill.

So, I was grading late and not feeling too hot…. no riding today. But on Wednesday, we were doing training up the NCAR road. That is the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder. Oops, it helps to turn the bike computer back on when climbing to have a record of what you have done. I have a lot to learn about climbing, but I was successful on my first time up the road. Not done well, but not too badly for a rookie. I followed Joanne up the road. She inspired me the whole way! Thank you Joanne! And, thank you Lemon Lime exercise hydration mix for keeping me in the game!

This is graduation weekend, so I am thinking about changing some of my plans. Yes, I did. Saturday we did 45 miles! We did have some adventures. I was riding sweep (the sag wagon) and a girl just stopped in the road. Jamie hit her wheel and went down. All because of a LIVE snake in our way. We were on US 36 and it was a good thing no cars were coming at that time. Kathy determined it was a bull snake and picked it up, threw it in the ditch, picked it up again and had her picture taken! That’s not all….. going up Rabbit Mountain road, I mis-shifted, plunked over on my left side. A few scrapes and greatly humbled, I got back up and rode to the top.

We also saw Mirinda Carfrae at the store where we took a short break. Man is she fit! So, sunday to saturday was just over 110 miles for the week. . . not too bad for a girl from Wisconsin! But, I learned that I do not know how to climb hills well.

If you would like to support me in the B Strong Ride, here is the link to donate: http://laf.livestrong.org/site/TR/Partnered/Partnered?px=1015407&pg=personal&fr_id=1351

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