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Back to biking on the real bike

So, Sunday found me eating out for Mother’s Day and doing things around the house. My mom is gone on a great train adventure, so I did not spend any time with her on Sunday. Monday found me working on a new raised bed for the garden. Yes, 6 x 4 feet! It will house tomatoes, broccoli, and a few other things.

Tuesday, I rode some on the road tank! Yes, tank it was. Here is a picture of a bike ride that I am spoiled by: The bike path in the Grand Teton National Park!  I need to get a better picture of the road bike!

Well, not the real road bike, but a little tease for all of you!

Thank goodness for Wednesday and the training ride with Traci! She worked us well. Some of us were commenting that we couldn’t stand as our legs were so wobbly after the third set of sprints. Yes, we did another set and all of us learned so much! I will miss her coaching when I am in Wisconsin. I have to be proud of my group – Jennifer was voted into the ‘championship’ sprint group and she won. The two of us were neck and neck, or tire and tire, during our training laps. We did three sprints in one set. Then Traci provided some insights, then more set!

Thursday was a wash due to the smoke from the Hayden fire. I am so grateful for all those people up in the canyon fighting to save houses and stop the fire. We had smoke in the house at 0700. It was a day where the mountains were not seen due to the haze from the smoke. Friday – well, I was at work until 5:00 pm and then had dinner with some great friends. NO riding = NOT good.

Saturday found us having the rides cancelled due to RAIN! Thank goodness for the rain. They got over 1/2 inch on the fire which helped to contain further growth. The fire stands at over 7,600 acres!

So, it was not a great biking week in terms of mileage. That is not too good, but I am looking forward to next week with NCAR rides, longer Carter Lake rides and a few more adventures with Traci!

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