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Rain, animals and friends

Well, Saturday was a rain day. Thank goodness as we so need the moisture. Sunday, I spent the day around the house as my housemate (and good friend) has a very severe case of vertigo. I was able to do some work on the camper (replace the CO/LP detector) so we can use the unit on the drive home next week. Also loaded most of our dishes, linens, repair buckets/tools and just tidied up generally.

Monday – my question for the day….. who wins if you hit a deer on your bike? I rode, well most of the way, the North Carter Lake loop and was greeted by about 12 deer at the top. What really happened: there is one mile that is brutal. I rode as far as possible before almost tipping over, walked some, rode some, walked some and then rode. It was humbling. Once at the top, it was fun with some small downhills and climbs. There are some beautiful campgrounds up there! Once back on the way down, 40 mph was sustainable on a road with little traffic. I am TIRED!  Skratch Labs, thanks for keeping me hydrated! What would I do without your great products! I decided around 4:30 to ride here and not head over to Boulder for rides up NCAR with the Venus de Miles Bicycle Club. But, I learned that I could use climbing practice and lessons! Almost 29 miles.

Here is a picture of the real ride! 

Tuesday will bring a new day…. I think for something less vertical! Perhaps something in the 25 mile range. Oops, it once again came crashing down for the ride plans. This moving thing has got to end soon!

We got access to the new place on Saturday, so painting and cleaning could begin in earnest! We had to paint 2 of the rooms, changing the colors from bright pink and intense royal blue to something a bit more adult.

I had lots of help from friends, used 4 gallons of Kilz to cover most of the color and then great paint from SW paints.

You can see the results for one of the rooms here. The blue room color matched the blue painting tape color.

So, it has been a moving and painting week once again. I am excited to be almost done with this adventure.

I want to thank all of you for your support in my B Strong Ride fund raising. Our team, Coach Karl’s Chain Gang, is coming along with our quest to raise $5,000. While this has not been a good training week, it has been a good week in life, sharing with friends and family. Thank you all.

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