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Camping week

Well, I went from moving week to camping week! Sunday found us packing up from Mahoney State Park and heading home. It was a great day to drive, not too hot and some mixed clouds. The bike bus made it home with only a little bit of rain!

Riding through Peninsula State Park – this is the typical view!

Unloading the camper and truck took most of Monday. Meeting friends, who are riding in the B Strong Ride also, Monday night was fun. We had a great time and got caught up!

Cleaning out stuff, putting things away and getting ready for camping again on Thursday were the focus of the week.

I ran out of time to ride here on Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday found me finishing up the camper and heading out for Peninsula State Park. Wow, what an amazing state park! We rode on Friday and Saturday. Here is the view from the Friday ride.

We rode about 17 miles on Friday – oops, something went wrong with the Garmin. I turned it on and off, but it only got one of the rides. Perhaps I reset it…. user error! Then we hiked about 5 miles along the shoreline, up the cliffs and through the beautiful hardwood forest!

Saturday found us riding to Stone’s Throw Winery! A nice ride. Average temp was 94, distance was 22 miles and fastest speed was 34 mph. That was a fun downhill run! We spent a few hours at the beach, and the cold water was so refreshing for our tired and hot legs. Boy, I am not used to the humidity. Thank goodness for Lemon Lime Exercise Hydration mix – Skratch Labs!  I did not seem too dehydrated after our little jaunt!

Sunday was just too hot and humid at 0900 to even think of a ride. The temp was 90 by 1130 today.

So, a beautiful week with great friends!

Again, I can’t thank all of you enough for your support in my quest to raise $1,000 for Boulder Community Hospital and the George Karl Foundation. I am quite close to my goal and I would like to blast by the $1K mark! Both of these organizations are the benefactors of the B Strong Ride and are dedicated to fighting cancer. If you would like to assist me in this effort, here is my fundraising page for the ride: http://laf.livestrong.org/site/TR/Partnered/Partnered?px=1015407&pg=personal&fr_id=1351 

Overlooking Green Bay near the end of the Saturday ride.

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