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One week to go

Wow, this is the last week of training before leaving for Colorado.

A sign of a great country road with little car traffic!

Sunday found us riding along country roads for a 26 mile ride. It was quite beautiful! You know you are in the middle of nowhere, on great roads when there are NO lines on the road (yellow or white), grass growing across the road, and only a few cars!

Monday was more of a rest day, doing things around the house. Tuesday found me out for a quick 15 miles in less than 1 hour. This has been a nice improvement over the summer. While it was quite warm, there was a light breeze which made a difference.

Wednesday found us riding around Lake Mendota in Madison. We had asked about the distance and were told, by someone at a local bike shop, that it was 60 miles. Well, it was a far cry from that. We rode 23 miles around the lake, on roads that were lakeside, main roads and meandering through some very nice homes. The best part was the fresh ice cream from the UW Agricultural program! YUMMMMM ! ! ! It was a fitting end to a ride that averaged over 92 degrees warm.

Some well needed rain derailed our Thursday morning hopes, but it was ok. Tired bodies are not so responsive!

Saturday found me on a local chain of lakes with some great friends. We paddled our kayaks for 3 hours in very nice water. By the time we quit, the lakes had become quite busy. We picked a good start time and had the lakes to ourselves.

Sunday, I went out with my friends who are training for the Ironman in 3 weeks. They had planned to ride 100 miles, so I just joined for 40. It was so fun to ride with them. 3 of us are quite well matched in our speed and style. We were moving for 2:32, which made for a nice ride. The wind was in our face for the first 1/2 and when we turned toward the start, it was a nice change – but the wind was still in our faces!  HA, HA, HA….it is a Cindy wind meter!

We also got our team gear! WOW is it great. Coach Karl’s Chain Gang is ready for the road!

If you still are interested in donating, contributions are accepted until Friday. Here is the link to my donation page: http://laf.livestrong.org/site/TR/Partnered/Partnered?px=1015407&pg=personal&fr_id=1351 

Thank you again for all your support!

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