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What is next?

So, what does one do when the big event is over?  Well, I have been busy. Somehow I got convinced to do the Heart and Sole 10K in Boulder. No, I did not run as I gave that up about 5 knee surgeries ago. I walked at a quick pace and averaged 15 minute miles. It was a beautiful morning to be out just taking it all in. Wow, is this a beautiful place.

When we were done with the event, we spent some time bumming in Boulder, grocery shopping, hydration (read ETOH and Skratch) shopping, looking around. I found a ‘new bike’ that I would love to have, but I would need to sell the current one. Time will tell. . .

Here they come…. quite quickly into Boulder, at Broadway and Arapahoe.

The next week was full of school starting activities for me – including adjusting to the new job! But wait, the US Pro Cycling race was in the state, and coming to Boulder. So, Saturday found me with some friends at the CUP, discussing the best strategy to watch the race. So, off to Broadway and Arapahoe we went. Here is the first group coming through…. go!

So after the whole field came racing by, we hopped over to Canyon and 9th. We found some prime spots and I sat on the curb…. only to be pulled back into the fans as I almost got hit! Here is the blurry picture of that event.

Ok, so I almost got hit by the BMC train! Here is my picture to show how close it was.

The most amazing thing was seeing the BMC train (not a diesel, but express) coming around the corner with the yellow jersey. Too bad that picture was out of focus.

So, we then decided to get a little lunch and pack it into the saddle bags. Thanks Jaymi for carting them up the mountain! We rode up Flagstaff! Yes, we rode up to 1 K from the finish line, locked the bikes, hiked up to 100m from the finish. We just sat and enjoyed the view and fans.  We were well rewarded with some amazing pictures of the riders coming into the finish area.

That was August…. September found me doing some riding along the front range and up in the mountains. I registered at the last minute for the Buffalo Classic and completed the 50 mile ride with an average of over 15 mph. Impressive to me as I have been riding for less than one year. I also volunteered for the Venus de Miles ride at the Women’s Wilderness Institute aid station. We were on the 33 mile route and had tons of fun. It was a hot day and the women, and men in drag, were inspirational.

Me, with the fall colors in the background.

Here I am with the amazing Colorado colors in Vail Valley.

October found me doing some more riding in the mountains. My favorite was 40 minutes up Vail pass and I got back to the starting point in only 20 minutes. It was a fun downhill.

November found me riding on the weekends with the occasional time during the week. It was a great month as I passed the 1,000 miles ridden outside milestone! I can’t believe that I did this. Now, I need to set some new goals for next year. Let me think on that one. I need to do some more training first, but it could be a great winter. I am looking for training videos for the winter months. I will be using my Cyclops trainer in the house. Whisper quiet!

Thanksgiving found us starting a new tradition, cooking from the Feed Zone Cookbook. Flatiron Steak with mustard sauce, Orzo and basil salad, Wine and soy mushrooms and Fruit-braised pork. Not that we had this in one day. It was a Feed Zone Cookbook week. We loved every meal!

I also got a few runs in at Vail on Black Friday. Wow…. ski on Friday and bike ride on Sunday! Pretty amazing.

Yes, I do live in a place where you can ride year round, but I leave for work while it is still a bit dark and come home in the dark. Right now, it is safer to ride in the house!  Well, that could be up for consideration also as I have been looking at some of the ‘The Sufferfest’ dvd’s for use this winter. . . WOW.

So, I have been riding in December. A few of us from the Venus de Miles bike club had our picture taken with Santa (a plastic one) at Mary’s in Hygiene. It was a fun ride. We met up with Cov and rode home with her. She is an inspiration to me. Retired and rides like she is 20. I hope to be able to ride like she does when I retire. Thanks Cov!

Well, next update will be after Christmas and I will report on some of the training dvd’s that I (hopefully) got for Christmas!

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