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Christmas and beyond

Wow… what an interesting time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. On the biking scene, I am so excited to have a G3 PowerTap wheel set! Rock on! I updated the hub with my PC (oh well, they are good for some things) and put the hub back together. When I got the wheel set, they were within 5 mm of being absolutely true!  Great product, THANKS CycleOps Power!

We rode to Mary’s and took this picture with Santa! It was a fun day.

Our pre-Christmas ride on a great December day!

Our pre-Christmas ride on a great December day!

And then, I got a great email from CycleOps Power letting me know that I was one of the 12 days of Christmas winners! I am waiting for the gifts in the mail.

I got a Joule GPS bike computer…..and some other great stuff! Thank you CycleOps Power! WOW…..

Life then took a turn back to reality quite quickly. A family member was in a serious car accident. She remains unconscious, in a Neuro ICU at a trauma center in Alabama. Remember to hug your loved ones!

So, now back to reality of work after the holidays. I have been able to ride outside in January a few times. It was great fun with the gals from the bike club! I also joined another bike club to challenge me a bit more, as well as to get educated! ten20 is the new group and I think it will be fun.

I have also been doing some indoor riding, with my CyclOps PowerTap, Super Magneto Pro, Skratch hydration (the raspberry is great), Sufferfest videos and Trainer Road…. fun. But it is a pain to change out the tire each week as I ride outside!  But, while it is a pain, I can at least ride outside in January! How nice.

I started on the Tour of Sufferlandia, but had to miss 2 days due to work and my HR being a bit wonky. So, back onto the bike tonight with the Tour! It is fun and great to have the intervals with my TrainerRoad program. I am learning lots about riding with power which is very different from my exercise physiology training using heart rate.

Just got the date for the BStrong Ride in Boulder – August 10, 2013. Save the date. It looks like the same routes. Coach Karl’s Chain Gang may be back!


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