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Early 2013

This new year found me learning to enjoy climbing in a gym, snow hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park,me at RMNP riding my bike outside in mid-January (and more), not skiing much and trying to do the Tour of Sufferlandia. I had signed up for the tour, but outside activities kept on interfering with my riding. I did make the mistake of riding one day after hiking 5 miles in snow…. My heart rate would not let me ride as I needed to. Darn, but keep on going.

Here is a picture of me that day at Emerald Lake in RMNP. The fun thing is a whole group of guys were coming to the lake as we were leaving – with hockey skates, sticks and a puck. Yes, they were there to play hockey! It was fun to watch for a while.

So, I completed 5 of the 9 days in the Tour timeframe…. now what? I did complete all the days of the Tour of Sufferlandia. Gotta love Trainer Road and the videos from TheSufferfest.com! They make the time fly as you do the workouts.  I continue to enjoy using Trainer Road, Netflix, cycling DVD’s and such in the indoors when I cant get outside to ride. I continue to enjoy using the Feed Zone Cookbook, from @SkratchLabs, for meals during the week.

Jaymi breaking trail!

Jaymi breaking trail!

We got to do some amazing snowshoeing in the McCoy Park a few weeks ago! It was so beautiful. Here are some pictures from my winter adventures. The snow shoeing picture is of Jaymi breaking trail at McCoy Park.

I have done a few days of skiing, but it just hasn’t been a big draw this winter. I am so enjoying riding my bike, climbing (at the gym now), some amazing friends, and just cooking well. The last day out found me covering over 20K vertical in a little under 4 hours. I was so excited that I had the endurance to go from top to bottom without stopping!. . . Well, not exactly on all the mogul runs (one that is), but for the most part, I did not stop. I ate lunch in the car on the way home. It was fun to have nice snow and limited people in the lift lines.

Now, it is back to thinking about riding…. we, the Sprockety Cranks, got into Ride the Rockies! Early June for 512 miles over 7 days in Colorado. The route goes from Telluride to Colorado Springs. So, the B Strong Ride Blog is now updated to the Ride the Rockies Blog! Ha!

So, my ride training indoors has changed focus a bit…. working towards longer, quality hours on the bike in the basement. I need to find some good videos to go with Trainer Road. I am so grateful for the exercise hydration products (orange, lemon lime, raspberry) from @SkratchLabs. I can drink them and eat food from the cookbook while riding WITHOUT consequences. If you have not tried any of their products, I would encourage you to try them….. AMAZING!

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