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March 2013

Well, we did get into Ride the Rockies. WOW… what a course. I am joining a team of 8 amazing ladies.

Wow.... amazing route!

Wow…. amazing route!

Health care executive, higher education program developer, Nurse practitioner, software developer, public school teachers, higher education faculty member….. The Sprockety Cranks will amaze you all. We will have fun on our journey, remain sane in the quest to ride over a few mountain passes, laugh together and eat well!

So, now it is a few weeks later. . . I have been off my bike more than on it. Some surgery and lots of PT, so I was just able to get outside on my bike on April 21! That was fun. I was to be a sweep for the Venus de Miles Bike Club, but no one wanted to ride fast at the medium speed….. that was fine as I was able to have a great first ride.

The following week found me doing PT and then riding up Old Stage road to Jamestown. That kicked my butttttocks! So, I wanted to ride outside during the middle of the week for the past 4 weeks, but no we have had very nice snow storms on Tuesdays for the last 4 weeks! Back inside!

So, I hope to ride more and use my videos some! Keeping you posted!

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