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Winter 13-14 and more!


Time does fly. I have been doing some crazy rides on the trainer this winter. I participated in, and completed, the Tour of Sufferlandia!  That was fun. If you are bored with your trainer rides, check out The Sufferfest!

Riding my bike during the Tour of Sufferlandia... with my left arm in the sling!

Riding my bike during the Tour of Sufferlandia… with my left arm in the sling!


They have some amazing videos for your training. I also used Trainer Road to facilitate my training this winter. Well, some bike riding. Yes, I was in the sling for a few weeks due to my second shoulder surgery…. Yes, it is better now, and I have just been cleared to ride outside with both hands on the bars! This meant no Ride the Rockies this summer, but it will give me many more years of good shoulders for riding!

So, to add to the lack of consistent training, I am now  registered for a few rides in the next few months. The biggest one is the MS 150 ride in Colorado. I am riding with the Raw Hinies team. The team is a group of friends who are riding to raise money for MS research. Here is the team web page: http://www.rawhinies.com . I am riding with a few friends from work, so it will be fun to see how we are all walking on the Monday after the ride! This ride is very special for me as a good friend has a very unique form of MS. She was fortunate to have access to great treatment so avoided a brain biopsy and surgery to determine what was wrong with her.

By riding, I am seeking to raise $500.00 for MS research.  Here is my funding raising page: http://main.nationalmssociety.org/site/TR/Bike/COCBikeEvents?px=13352292&pg=personal&fr_id=22980

I would love it if you supported me with $1, 5, 10, 25 or more if you are able. If you are not able, please support me in spirit as I ride over 150 miles June 28 & 29.  I will keep you updated on my spring and summer riding adventures.

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